Our fishing reports are now on our facebook page.  I will post as I fish!



King salmon 2012

The fishing season is close at hand.  We will be fishing the Little Su, Deshka and Fish Lakes this season.  We have the boat ready and are watching the water levels daily.  We have openings through out the season but a few prime am spots in early June.  Give us a call, (907)745-1712


little Su 8-9 pm

I fished with a group of 5 we caught 15 salmon, 5 chums and 190 silvers.  The water is very high and we had to work for the fish.

Little Su 8-9 am

I fished with a group of 2 this morning, we caught 6 fish 2 silvers and 2 chums in about 2 hours.


Little Su 8-8 am

I fished with three fisherman in very high water today.  We caught 6 silvers and 2 chums.


Little Su 8-4 pm

I fished with a group of 4 this afternoon.  We caught 7 silvers (lost 4 others) and caught 5 chums, let two go.  I say a bull moose on the way home, he is in between so should make it until next fall.  We have a few openings for the weekend and early next week give us a call if you want to go fiahing.



Little Su 8-1 pm

I fished an afternoon trip with a group of five today.  We fished two hours and caught 10 silvers and 2 chums.  It was a great afternoon of fishing.  I have a few openings this week give us a call if you wish to go fishing.