Little Su 7-31

I fished the Little Su today with four clients. A great group that made the trip enjoyable by catching fish and having a good time on the river. The weather has taken a turn for the better and it was dry and sunny on the river today. The water is still high and muddy but is improving- dropping every day. we caught our limit of silvers with an extra chum today in two holes. We let 7 fish go and lost several others during the fight. The fish are all bright and we are catching them on every lure we throw at them. We saw several of greebe and mallards today but no moose or bears. I will be out tomorrow, see you in August.



Little Su 7-27

I fished the Little Su last night with two clients on an evening trip. we departed the landing shortly after 6 pm and ran down river. The weather was great, sunny and warm. We hooked a Humpie on the first cast and landed it. We fished spinners for a while and caught one silver and lost another. The fish were not rolling as much today as they were yesterday. we went down river a little farther and back trolled. We caught another pink and five more silvers. The bites were hard but it is difficult hooking them back trolling. We saw a beaver and lots of shore birds on this trip. The fishing is good, give us a call today to book your trip with Alaska Susitna Charters.

Greg Giauque


Little Su 7-26

I fished the Little Su today with three clients. We limited out on silvers and brought home one pink salmon. The fishing was good but the water remains high and muddy. The forecast is continued rain and I would expect the water to remain high for the next week. Watch the USGS web site before planning your trip. The Silvers were caught on Vibrax and Mepps lures. We saw a Moose, Beaver and eagles on the river and road today.



Little Su 7-25

I fished with four clients today on the little su. The water is very high and the color of chocolate milk. The fishing was tough until we located some fish in a hole. We limited out on silvers and caught two large chums. Fishing is tough and we had luck using size 5 mepps and 6 vibrax in assorted colors. I will be out again tomorrow.


Pike 7-24

I went on an overnight pike fishing trip. We caught quite a few pike with the highlight being the top water action in the evening. The weather was wet and cold so the fishing was interupted every 2 hours or so by a warming in the cabin. We fished the mouth of Fish creek and caught several Pinks, silvers and sockeyes. We saw a large seal on the lower part of the Yentna but no other large wildelife this trip.


Kenai Dipnet 7-21

I fished the Kenai River personal use dipnet fishery on Monday July 21st with another family. We got into Kenai at 8:30, the waves were crashing the shore and pounding a few brave souls that were trying to catch fish on the North Shore of the mouth. we waited until the morning and the waves slowed down around 9 am. We got into the water around 10:00 am and had 57 fish between two of us by 2:00 pm. I found this odd but we were fishing the out going tide and caught plenty of fish. It was very good for about 3 hours and slowed significantly the last hour. Most were 4-6 pounds but we did catch a few 10-13 pound lunkers, 2 flounder and a 20 inch dolly varden. We did not catch any kings, nor did we see any landed on the North shore. There were plenty of folks around fishing and the campground was packed. If you head down follow the rules the law enforcement officers are out checking folks. I had a great time and have lots of salmon canned and froze for the year to come. If you have not tried it, it is awesome when you are catching fish and lame when you are not.



Little Su 7-20

I fished the Little Su today with three clients. The water was higher than it had been and a bit dirty, some of this was due to boat traffic and some to rain runoff. There were several boats on the lower river today from the landing to three trees. The fishing started out slowly but we got a silver in the boat at 6:40 am after missing a few bites. We continued to hook, land and loose several fish. We hooked three Chums but only landed one today. The Chum had sea lice on it and was headed to the smoker. The silvers, our limit, were all as bright as could be, normal for early season fish. The fish were all between 6 and 12 pounds. We caught them on Mepps and Vibrax spinners in every color of the neon rainbow.
We saw a Moose cow and her calf this morning, a beaver, several mallards and a couple of eagles during the trip. I will be fishing this week but we have openings so give us a call to book your trip with Alaska Susitna Charters.

Greg Giauque


Little Su 7-17

I fished the little Su today with four clients. We started the trip at 7 am in the rain. The water was low, normal for this time of the year but will come up according to the USGS water gauge readings. This is due to the rain...I had enough of the rain today to last me all season. We caught 10 silvers and had 5 others on and missed a few bites. I was pleasantly surprised, it looks as if the fish are coming into the river and we may have a strong run. The fish were all average between 6 & 8 pounds with the last fish of the day being nearly 10 pounds. We did not see any large wildlife but the bear(s) have been around the campground. We did see eagles, mallards, merganzers, and several other shore birds today. If you want to get out and catch some salmon give us a call or send us an email.

Greg Giauque


Little Su 7-16

I talked with a friend tonight and he fished the little su today. He said the water level was normal for this time of the year (low) but they caught 9 silvers on the river. The USGS web site shows that the river is above the historical average for this time of the year. It appears that my friend either found a school of fish or the fish are coming in. He is a very good fisherman but I have a fishing trip this weekend and will report how we do.



Little Su 7-9

I fished the Little Su today with four clients. We started the trip late and did not fish the first hole until 6:25 am. The water was still up and a bit dirty, I think that this helped the fishing today. We went through the Slide hole without a bite first thing and I decided to move up river. We passed another guide that was taking care of a fish and his clients. I pulled into the next hole and began my drift. We hooked and landed a 16 pound king, boating it at 6:40. We drifted the hole again after taking care of signing the license and landed a 15 pound king at 6:55. Both of these fish were very red but the clients elected to keep them. We drifted the hole two more times without a strike and I decided to move to a fresh hole. I passed two boats in holes that I wanted to fish but decided on one that I had hooked and lost a king on the previous trip. I told the clients where the bites were likely going to happen and we hooked and landed a 16 pound male at 7:20. This fish was also very red and the client elected to keep it. We motored to the top of the hole signed our license and l began another drift. I joked about the last rod being the toughest and we may be in for a 3 hour wait for the next bite. But as luck would have it we waited about three minutes. We hooked a 27 pound king in the same spot landing it at 7:33. This was also a very red male but the group was happy to have four fish and be on their way to breakfast at the Windbreak. We took our time heading to the landing and saw Eagles, a beaver, ducks and shore birds. No bear today but I did see several Moose on the drive in and out and quite a few snowshoe hares. This was one of the fastest trips of the year and a great group of gentlemen to end the king season with. We will start fishing for silvers around the 20th of August. Give us a call if you want to go fishing with Alaska Susitna Charters for Silver Salmon.

Greg Giauque


Little Su 7-7

I fished the Little Su for Kings today with three fisherman. We hooked three kings, and landed two. One of the fish was red and the other was a 50-50 silver red fish. The fish weighed 22 and 25 pounds and were caught on wigglewarts. We also caught and kept a very bright chum and saw several others in the river. They seem to be coming in increasing numbers with each high tide. Today we saw a small grizzly two bends below the landing. The bear was swimming the river and looked to be a two or three year old juvenile. We got some quick pictures and continued to our first fishing hole. We also saw a moose swimming the river, several eagles and a few ducks today. The water has come up and was getting dirty, I would expect the fishing to become difficult until the water drops for the king closing in a week.



Little Su 7-6

I fished the little Su today for Kings with three clients. We had five bites and landed three kings. Two were jacks, we threw one back. The fish we kept was a 22 pound female that had a dark red tint and a pronounced seal scar on her tail. The river has dropped significantly and was very clear. I saw several schools of Sockeys, Chums, and/ or Pinks swimming upstream in the lower river. I also saw one silver in a hole and a few chums in another hole. I would expect that by mid to Late July the fishing for the other salmon species should improve greatly.
The fish have turned the corner on quality, Wednesday will be my last day King fishing the Little Su.
we saw a cow and calf moose this morning on a beach as well as several eagles. Another point of interest is that there is a Brown bear hanging around the first island below the landing. Buzz told me that he has been spotted early in the morning and they have the hiking trails posted with warning signs.



Lake Creek 6-3

Bill and I fished Lake creek for about two hours. We hooked 6 kings and landed four. Two were foul hooked and we let the other two go. Bill landed a Monster king well over 50 pounds. We chased it down river three hundred yards before he could get it to the net. we took some great pictures, removed a green wiggle wart from its mouth, a bonus from a big fish and let it swim. I love seeing those big make it back into the river to make more. There were allot of fish in the river and we saw a few bright fish roll as well as kings that had turned color. Lake creek is swift and you need to be on your toes when navigating upriver from the mouth. Most of the guides were running 16 & 18 foot jon boats with 50 hp jets upstream.


Pike 6-30 to 7-4

We went to the Pike lake for a family vacation. The fishing was fair with lots of evening top water action. We did not land any huge pike this trip but lots in the 4 to 6 pound range with a few larger fish. The mosquitos however were biting very en masse. We had some friends stay with us and they brought up some bed nets, a life and sleep saver. My nephew went up with another friend and they skipped around the lake on a jet sled behind the boat, that was some much needed comic relief for the adults. All in all a great trip, lots of fun and plenty of sun and pike.