Alaska Salmon Fishing 8-12

Alaska Salmon Fishing I fished with a group of 4 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.  The Am group caught 6 silver salmon and missed several others.  The afternoon group caught 4 Alaska Salmon Fishingin 3 hours.


8-11 AM/PM

I fished with a group of four today in the morning and we caught 8 silver salmon and a Chum salmon.  In the afternoon we caught 8 Silver salmon as well.  The fishing was tougher later in the day but we got the fish in.  The river continues to go down and is slightly clearing.




I went out today with 3 in the boat, it took some work but we caught our limit. We caught 7 males all between 9 and 11 pounds and one 6 pound female The water remains higher than normal and dirty due to boat traffic.  I think there were as many boats today as there was the second day of bait. I saw two cow moose on the way to the river today.

Tight lines,



8-6 to 8-8

I have had a busy couple of days.  The river opened to bait and we have been catching our limit every time we have gone out.  I have had 6 trips and taken family out as well.  The fishing has slowed down today and the boat traffic is still high but not quite as bad as it has been in past years. 

We caught all 5 species of Pacific Salmon the first two days of bait, including a fresh sockeye, a very old and moldy King and several Pinks and Chums. 



8-3-10 Little Susitna River

Kaylee (3 1/2), Juliann (4 mos.) and I just returned home from the river. We are getting ready to smoke our catch! Kaylee fought her first salmon today and won. Greg took out two fishermen this morning and limited in a couple of hours so the girls and I went out. We caught two silvers and two chums using spinners. Greg is out with his second group of clients at the moment. I will blog more later... We still have room in the afternoon of the 5th if anyone wants to go. Call me- 907-745-1712. Lori