I fished an early morning trip today.  My client caught a silver on the first cast, we let it go.  It was small in lip hooked.  We caught three fish in the next hole and I lost one.   We were done early but are now able to get some other things done.

Tight Lines,



7-30 PM

I fished with two awesome fisherman this afternoon.  We landed 6 chums, two pinks and four silvers but lost 7 other fish.  The water remains high and dirty. 
Give us a call if you are interested in a fishing charter during the next two weeks.



I fished with two fly fisherman this morning.  we caught a few salmon but the conditions were less than ideal for fly fishing.  we brought back three silvers and one sockeye.  We also released a couple of chums and one Pink salmon.  The water remains high and dirty, but I expect it to drop soon..


Hatchers Pass & Talketna

I took a drive over Hatchers Pass and went to Talketna 7-28.  If you have not done this it is a great drive and offers lots of beautiful scenery.  We also shopped in Talketna, I was surprised at the prices, they are very comparable to Anchorage and the Valley.  So id you are wanting to do some shopping and take a drive give it a go.
On a side not I examined the launch and have made some arrangements to include the Talketna river and clear creek for next year. 

Tight Lines,


Silvers 7-27

I fished with a returning group of clients the 27th.  Five people fished catching 10 Silver Salmon, 4 Chum Salmon, 3 Pink Salmon and 1 Sockeye Salmon.  We hooked and lost 6 or 7 other fish which appeared to be silver salmon.  The fishing continues to be excellent despite higher than average water conditions.  The water is dirty but should clear as it drops over the next two days.  We are catching our fish on spinners and small plugs. 
This day we saw a Moose, geese, cranes and ducks on the river.

Give us a call and lets go fishing,



Little Su 7-25-10

Fished four people. Caught six silvers, three chums. Lost several fish using Mepps spinners and small plugs. Water remains high and dirty. There was a lot of boat traffic. We have openings later this week if you want to go fishing. Call Lori at 745-1712.

Little Su 7-25-10

Fished with three fishermen. Caught six bright silvers and two chums using Mepps spinners.

Little Su 7-25-10

Three clients caught 8 silvers, a pink and a chum in about three hours. Saw two moose, two families of geese and ducks. The water remains a bit high and muddy, but does not seem to be having a negative affect on the fishing. We have openings later in the week. Please give us a call! Lori 745-1712

Little Su 7-24-10 AM

Four clients caught 8 silvers and one chum. They saw a moose swim the river in the morning. 

Little Su 7-24-10

Greg said it took 2 hours 30 minutes in the afternoon to catch 6 silvers and one humpy. Lori

Little Su 7-23-10

Greg took four clients in the afternoon and caught 6 silvers. Lori



I fished with two client this morning, the fishing was intermitent at first but we kept at it releasing one silver before catching our limit.  The water has come up nearly a foot overnight and is very dirty.  Fishing was more of a challenge today.  We did see a 35" bull Moose cross the river and climb the bank about one boat length from us this morning. We have openings next week and the second day of bait.  Give us a ring to schedule your trip.


(907) 745-1712


I fished with 5 clients for the evening.  We caught 20 salmon keeping 13 in the boat.  We lost numerous other fish.  They were all very bright and in excellent condition.  We saw Geese, a beaver and I saw a Moose on the way to the river.  The water is high and cloudy, I expect fishing to become challenging.



Family Pike Trip

We went Pike fishing over the 4th of July.  We Caught a few good fish but it was slow, likely due to the pressure from Lake Creek  guides on the lake. 
We put linoleum in the cabin, installed a refrigerator and I hung the moose rack from last year.  We also built a fire pit and knocked down the grass around the cabin.  The tubing on the lake was OK, it was a bit cold but the kids do not seem to mind.  My nephews helped me chase squirrels and fished with the neighbor boys.  A great trip.


Silvers 7-18

I took out three clients today for a whole day trip.  We Landed 6 Silvers and three chums.  We fought several other fish during he day.  A excellent first day on the water for silver salmon.  We have space avalible later in the week if you would like to go fishing.