Pike Fishing 5-23 to 5-26

We fished for Pike over the weekend and had a great time at the lake. The fishing was slow, I attribute this to the high water, the pike move into the weeds where we can't get at them and the cold water temperatures. We have fished the Pike early in the past and they are aggressive but this trip they were a bit slow on the take. I would expect the fishing to improve with warmer temperatures and lower water levels.



Susitna Kings

There are reports of a Few King Salmon being caught in the Susitna Valley. I have only seen one fish, via a photograph taken recently. The local sporting goods stores have a few photos up but nothing like we will see in the next few weeks. We have a few openings during the peak of the run in Early June, give us a call.

We will be heading out to the lake for some Pike fishing over the weekend and I expect to report well over 100 pike landed during our Derby. Have a great weekend,



Eklutna Tail Race

I talked with two other guides today and both had heard that the first king salmon of the year had been caught at the Eklutna Tailrace the day before yesterday. I have not hear of a definite catch from the sporting goods stores but would not be surprised in the slightest. The water at the tailrace has come up due to the recent warm weather and snow melt. I would expect quite a few fish to start coming in over the next two weeks in the lower Matanuska-Susitna rivers and streams. The Yentna River Drainage is reported to be ice free with the exceptions of some bank ice according to Eric Johnson jr. at Northwoods lodge. The water level is also expected to be higher than last year due to a "normal" snow fall in the drainage. I am planning to head up the Yentna later next week for a memorial weekend Pike fishing trip and will provide a full report on conditions and fishing. The early fishing has been spectacular in the past and I am sure that this year will not be any different.


Fishing forecast

The Big Susitna tributary strems, Talchulitna, Lake Creek, Deshka, Talketna, and Little Susitna rivers are expected to have good returns of King and Silver Salmon in 2008. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, ADF&G, showed that most of these rivers either met or exceeded escapement in 2007. The return on the Deshka river is forecast to be down this year but the ADF&G is still expecting a Deshka King Salmon return of over 20,000 in 2008, Spawning escapements topped 40,000 fish for coho salmon that should return to both Deshka and Little Susitna River in 2008. This will produce some phenominal fishing in late July through August for Silver Salmon.
The ice is moving on the rivers and most of the lakes re almost ice free. I expect many of them to be navigable in just over a week. This is dependent upon the wether but the 5 day forecast for the Matanuska-Susitna Valley looks good. We had some great trips ice fishing for Pike this winter and are expecting this fishery to continue to produce for us in 2008.

The fishing season is upon us and the forecast looks great and we are ready to get fishing.