Little Su 6-28

I took four fisherman out this morning. Right away we had a small bull moose and a cow feed past us on a bend in the river. The water has continued to drop and has began to clear further. I would expect he king fishing to steadily slow as the water drops. Today we hooked one fish and promptly lost it in the second hole we fished. We never saw this fish so I am positive it was over 50 pounds and I will never change my story. The group was great today and we joked about that one all day. We also hooked two other fish that fought briefly and lost them, one of these fish was sizable, likely over 30 pounds. Three of the four fisherman we successful taking home a 31, 26 and 24 pound king salmon. One of the fisherman his first king ever. All in all a great day of fishing.


Pike 6-27

I went pike fishing with three friends today. We caught somewhere around 50 pike in addition to seeing beaver, moose, a black bear, eagles and shore birds. The trip was very quick and we noted that the average size was down, I think the lack of cover near deeper water may have something to do with this. We did land one pike that was between 12 and 14 pounds and sent him back to get bigger.


Little Su 6-26

I took two clients out this morning. We fished on the Little Su using Kwik fish, wiggle warts and spin n glo's. We caught four fish, returning two jacks and had two fish on for several minutes, loosing one to a snag and had the hook pull out on another. Fishing was very good today with the water conditions both dropping & clearing. The fish weighed 29 and 26 pounds and were both in excellent condition.



Little Su 6-25

I fished the little su today with two clients. We hooked 6 fish and boated four, keeping two fish that were 22 and 25 lbs. The water is dropping and begining to clear.



Little Su 6-23

I fished three clients this morning. The weather was fair but cool. We caught a 16 pound king on our first drift and fished for about two hours until our next bite. This bite was within five minutes of me discovering a Banana in the boat and having it disposed of. This was followed by a few other bites and hookups but lost fish. One appeared to be well over 30 pounds. We hooked and landed a 22 pound king at 11:00 am. I never was able to get the third fish, I blame the banana.

Greg Giauque

Little Su 6-22

I fished with two clients today in the rain. It was cold and very wet. We hooked and landed two kings and retired for the day. The first king was a 24 pound fish that was very bright and the other king was a small jack. We had time left in the trip but the conditions we poor and my clients asked to come back early.



Little Su 6-21

I fished this morning with two clients, a grandfather-grandson team. The weather was wet and cold but that did not deter a large number of fisherman from hitting the river. The water was down a bit but is still dirty, I would not expect the showers and warm weather combinations that we have seen recently to change the water conditions very much. The average this time of year is 694 cfs and we are currently at 939 cfs of discharge.
Today we hooked and landed a 45lb male in the first hole we fished using a wiggle wart. we had him in the boat and recorded by 6:10 am. The fish had a slight tint of red and looked every bit of the 45 pounds. He was the biggest that I have boated this year. We then fished three other holes before hooking and landing a very bright 23lb male and calling it a perfect day.

Greg Giauque

Little Su 6-20

I have fished the Little Su the last two days with clients. Friday I had two fisherman and we caught one fish, a Jack. I was not pleased with the fishing and most of the guides on the lower river had similar results. One guide had caught three fishing in the same holes that we had fished with the exact same lures. I wonder what makes a king hit one time and not another? I guess if I knew that I would be the Dr. Phil of Salmon.



Little Su 6-18

I went fishing today with three other guides. We took turns rowing in a little derby to see who could catch the biggest and row up the most fish. I rowed up both the most and the biggest fish of the day. I will gladly wear the crown until next year. We had 5 bites hooked 4 and landed 3 kings in a short morning trip. Our fishing has still been good and the weather forcast is looking great for the next few days. Give us a cal if you are interested in catching some fish.

Alaska Susitna Charters
(907) 745-1712
(907) 355-1712 Cell


Little Su 6-16

I fished the little Su this morning with two clients. We had four bites and landed two fish. They weighed 22 and 28 pounds. Both were dime bright and loaded with sea lice. The fishing was a bit slower than it has been for some of the guides, several were skunked, but we brought them home after some persistence and hard work. We saw three moose, a small bull and a cow with a very young calf. We also saw a beaver that provided us with some great photo opportunities. We have openings this week, call us at (907) 745-1712 or (907) 355-1712 to book your trip.

Greg Giauque
Alaska Susitna Charters


Little Su 6-15

I fished this morning with five clients. We fished for the entire trip and landed two kings and had a third by the boat that broke of before I could get it netted. We had 6 bites today, fishing has slowed some. The water level came up nearly a foot while I was on the river. The majority of the guides caught at least one or two fish today with one guide getting skunked. I saw and nearly hit two moose on the way to the river this morning, watch out for them. We also saw a beaver in the river on the way to the first hole.

Greg Giauque


Little Su 6-14

I fished the Little Su this morning with 5 clients. There was a light rain/ Drizzle on the river with some clearing in the later morning. we had 6 very hard bites and landed 4 fish weighing 36, 32, 26 & 25 pounds. The great news is that we are still averaging well over 50% catch rate for our fisherman for the season. The youngest fisherman in the party landed the biggest fish but did not have a Derby ticket. That is the second youngster this week that landed a good fish with no ticket, Darn. We were using Kwik fish and Spin N Glos today. The water has come up about 6 inches and and was dirty due to heavy boat traffic and increased water flow. I would expect to see the water level rise more over the next few days as the runoff from the rain in Hatcher Pass makes its way down stream.
We did not see any Moose or Large animals on the river today but we did see several Ducks and shore birds. Give us a call and lets go fishing.

Greg Giauque


Deshka 6-13

I called and visited with a guide and a fisherman that had been fishing out of the Deshka landing. They both said the fishing was good in the morning but slowed as the day progressed. They said that the fishing picked up in the evenings but was not quite as good as it was in the morning. I inquired about the emergency order regarding bait and they admitted that the fishing would slow but about half of the fish they were catching were on lures both at the mouth and in the river below the wier. They had both noted that the fishing varies from day to day but as a whole seemed to be improving.

Little Su 6-13

I visited with another guide today regarding his trip on the Little Su. He caught three fish and reported that of the other five guides he saw one caught two, two caught one each and two caught no fish during the morning. He also noted that there was heavy boat traffic on the river today and the water was very dirty. I have a group in the morning and will report back in the afternoon.



Little Su 6-12

I fished this morning with 5 clients on the Little Su. We got a late start but had 12 good bites and landed four fish. We had two other fish on for a short period of time before they pulled loose. We used spin-n-glos, Kwik Fish and Wiggle Warts today. All of the lures seemed to work as well as the other. The fish were all between 24 and 34 lbs and bright. I had my wife come out for the afternoon and she landed a 26 lb King after 5 minutes of fishing. I tried to hook one but was unable to as I was busy back trolling. The fishing is improving daily.


Little Su 6-9

I fished the Little Su this morning with four clients. The water is still a bit low and was clearing today after this weekends heavy boat traffic. We had four solid bites and landed two fish a 34 lb and 15 lb fish. These were both caught early in the trip. The remaining bites were spread throughout the trip and fishing remained slow after 9 am. The fish are not yet pouring into the river but I expect to see a very large surge as the water level rises with warm weather.


Deshka 6-7

I visited with three different fisherman today about the Deshka River. They all had the same report slow fishing with only a few being caught at the mouth. The large schools of fish are not there. The weir has had 150 fish through it as of yesterday and the water level has been steadily dropping. The Deshka, Little Su and other streams all seem to be having a king run that is later than the normal average.


Little Su 6-7

I fished the Little Su today with four clients. The fishing was slow for everyone on the river, there were ten fish through the check station at 1:00. We had three fish on, lost one after a 5 or 6 minute fight and landed two others. I saw several other guide boats pull in with no fish today and the gentleman manning the booth told me many of the fish caught were from the bank. Every fish that we have caught has been a Chromer with lots of sea lice (5-8 per side). This makes me think that the fish that are being caught are ones that are just trickling in. The run appears to be late, like elsewhere in the Susitna drainage and the fishing should improve very soon. One more note is that the trucks and boat trailers were lined up the hill at the landing, there were more boats on the water today than any day I have seen this year.


Little Su 6-6

I had a nice couple fishing with me today, newly weds from Minnesota. We got started a bit late but made it down river to some good holes. We had four bites, hooked three fish and landed two. The first fish we hooked found a snag and pulled off. The fish looked to be about 30 pounds. The second fish was a bright 27 pound female that jumped all over the Kwikfish and put up a great fight. The second fish was a 17 pound fish that also took a Kwikfish and tore my client up. At one point it ran at us and he lowered his rod in frustration, I told him to reel fast, it was coming at us. We netted the fish, signed his license, took some pictures and were bak to the landing by 10:45. Another Guide that was working around me had three clients, each caught a fish and he had two other bites that were missed. he fishing is picking up and should be getting better daily. We have seats open, give us a call.



Deshka 6-5

I visited with a friend today that has fished the Deshka River the last three mornings. He reported, "The fishing has been great the catching has been poor". He said they have seen a few fish landed but the numbers of fish rolling and moving appears to be lower than in the past. I have noted that on some of the fishing forums there is allot of talk about the Deshka run being later than normal this year. I have guide trips for the remainder of the week and a few next week. I will have a report on the Little Su Friday or Saturday.




On our way to the pike lake we caught and observed several very large schools of Hooligan along the river. I have not chartered for Hooligan but would be open to the idea. We filled our cooler in 6 dips at our Secret Spot. If you are interested in a Hooligan Charter give me a call and we can work something out.


Lake Creek 6-1

I visited with a guide that had been fishing Lake Creek and the surrounding streams today. There are a few fish at Lake Creek being caught as well as elsewhere. The thought is that these are fish headed to the Talchulitna River and other tributaries of the Yentna and Skwetna drainages. We did not see any fish roll but he indicated that they had hooked one just prior to our arrival. The fishing is slow and will not likely pick up for another two weeks or more.

Pike 6-1

We spent the night at the lake for an overnight Pike fishing trip. I had two clients from New Hampshire in a bit of a one sided fishing derby. We caught well over 50 pike with 2/3 of the fish being caught by one client. The slow and steady attitude won out with a 43" 20 lb pike just an hour be fore we quit fishing and came home. This fish was a whopper that looked like a log in the water. We got the dimensions and lots of good pictures for a great mount. We saw several moose both going up and back,a very plump Beaver, Eagles, and other shore birds on this trip. All in all a great trip and more happy customers fishing with Alaska Susitna Charters.


Little Su 5-31

I took two guests out for a combination King salmon and Pike fishing trip. We got a late start and fished for kings on the Little Susitna river. We had one very good bit but missed it. The fish are still just trickling in, when we left at 6pm there were 15 fish on the board at the parks toll booth. I visited with a few of the guides and most of them were having a slow day as well. I would expect the fishing to improve dramatically over the next week or so, peak around the 10th of June.