Little Su8-20

I took a trip of three fisherman today, Larry Csonka, Audrey Bradshaw and Jonathan from Wolverine Lake Lodge.  We had a chase boat with the film crew (Pat & Kevin) and shot some fishing action for Larry and Audrey's show, North to Alaska.  The fishing was a bit slow as it can be later in the season but we hooked fish on eggs as well as mepps and vibrax spinners.  The water conditions were great and we could see schools of fish holding in the river.  We fished several holes, starting at the slide hole and working our way up river.  We released all of the fish careful to watch for bleeders.  All in all we had a great day of fishing followed up by a some excellent conversation with Larry and the crew about our adventures, dogs and kids.  This was a great group of folks and I would welcome them in my boat anytime.  Until the next time we are out pike fishing in September have a great weekend.



Little Su 8-10

I fished two trips today. The first was with clients at 6 am. We caught our limit on bobbers and eggs. The fishing was good and the take is still good. In the late morning and early afternoon I took my sister, two nephews and niece. We caught three fish, hooked two others and missed a few more bites. We were using bobber and may have done better back trolling but had fun and enjoyed the sun. The river has come up significantly and was becoming very dirty with the rain runoff. The USGS shows that the water level is spiking on the lower river tonight, dropping again with a slight increase tomorrow afternoon following todays rain. I would expect fair fishing in the morning.



Little Su 8-9

I fished the little Su today in the afternoon with four clients. The fishing was slow, due to higher water and poor clarity. We caught eight salmon keeping one that was a bleeder. We missed several other bites using bobbers and eggs. The river was as busy as i have seen it all year long and the boat traffic was likely adding to the reduced visibility in the water. We saw Ducks, several Greebe and three Bald eagles today. We caught one very notable Pink, it was around 30 inches and weighed over over 5 pounds.



Little Su 8-8

I had two guided trips today, one with four clients and the other with one.
We caught 8 silvers and a chum on the first trip. We caught the fish using bobbers and eggs today. The fishing has slowed down , this is normal for the third day of bait fishing. We also caught a pink and released it today.
On the second trip we caught four silvers, releasing one. We tried lures and bait, each worked effectively but the bite had slowed down since the am trip. I am sure the boat traffic effects the afternoon fishing. The river was at least as busy today as yesterday, I expect it to be a Zoo tomorrow. The water was slightly clearer in the morning and much dirtier on the second trip.


Little Su 8-7

I fished today with two clients today. We used bobbers and eggs and caught 6 silver salmon and one Chum Salmon. The water is a bit cloudy from the recent rain and boat traffic. The fishing was good but he river is very busy, There have been boat accidents so be cautious if you are on the river.



Little Su 8-6

I fished the lillte su today with three students or former students from Wasilla High School. The water has dropped and cleared with the recent clear, rain free weather. Today was the first day of bait fishing and we limited out early today. The silvers are still in great condition and putting up a great fight. We used eggs and bobbers today, lots of hard takes and a full boat of fish. We have openings this week so if you want to get a few more before winter give us a call.


Pike 8-3 to 8-5

I took two guests for an overnight pike trip. We caught several pike that were in the 6-8 pound range and one that was close to 15 pounds. The water is dropping and the wind was blowing the entire trip making fishing a challenge. We saw four black bears, a river otter and a seal on the trip. We also saw hordes of pink salmon in the creek.



Little Su 8-1

Today I fished with four clients. We got on the water just before six am and hooked a silver on the first cast. We caught our limit by 8:30 am letting a couple of fish go and loosing several others. The last fisherman in the boat took a very long time hooking a fish back trolling. He had 10 bites before he hooked the last fish, the bad part of it is that it was me. I just could not hang the last one today, gives me insight to clients that are having an off day. It was fun and the group was giving me a lot of lip service and having fun doing it.
The water remains high and dirty on the river. There was allot of garbage, sticks and leaves in the water today. This makes casting and cleaning a regular task. We saw Mallards, Greebe and some Sandhill cranes today.