Little Su 6-25

I fished with a group of four guests today and we caught three small kings between 8 and 14 pounds.  We also caught three Jacks in the lower holes on the river.  Fishing has been sporadic but we are still catching fish, give us a call at (907) 745-1712 to book your king salmon or Silver Salmon fishing trip. 


Little Su 6-24

I fished with four guests today on an eight hour trip.  We caught three king salmon and lost a fourth after the tide went out.  The fish were between 14 and 24 pounds and all were very fresh.  It appears that a few fresh fish are still coming in on the tides.  The water remains low but has come up slightly with the rain.  It was very cold this morning, 34 at the landing.


Little Su 6-23

I fished with a group of 3 in the afternoon today and we caught 2 king salmon weiging 17 and 19 pounds.  The water remains low and clear.


Little Su 6-21

I fished the morning with two groups of two.  We fished the lower river as the tide was coming in.  We caught one King Salmon in mid 20's range during the first drift and two Jacks about one hour later as the tide began to run out.  We fished several holes coming back up the river and caught one more King in the upper 20 pound range.  Both of the larger fish had sea lice but one was blush and the other was chrome/ grey.  The fishing has been steady with groups of four getting between 4 and 8 bites during the morning trips. 




Greg fished with two groups of two. They had five bites, fought five fish and boated three. The fish weighed fourteen, eighteen, and twenty-one pounds. The river has come up slightly and became a little bit muddy, but is still fishable. Today they saw several beavers, many eagles, ducks and a cow moose with twin calves walking along the edge of the river. Greg's clients also saw a black bear along the bank. 

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On the way down river, Greg and his clients saw a black bear about a mile below the landing. Greg had four clients. It was a cool morning - overcast. They had five bites, fought three fish and boated one that was twenty one pounds. Water conditions remain low and clear despite recent rainfall in the Little Susitna drainage. 


Greg fished with two clients in the morning. They had three bites and boated two fish. The fish were seventeen and nineteen pounds. He was done fishing early. 

Greg fished with four clients in the afternoon. They missed several bites, but boated two jacks and two small kings weighing about fifteen pounds. They saw a cow moose and her calf wading the river. All in all it was a good day of fishing. 



Little Su 6-17

I fished the Little Su today with 5 clients, the fishing has been and continued to be good.  We had 8 bites, hooked 5 and boated three fish.  They weighed 21, 25 & 26 pounds.  The clients had enough fish and when the rain began we called it a day.  I think that I could have got a 4th fish in the boat in the last hour of fishing.  
We have been seeing Moose, Ducks & Chicks, Eagles, Cranes and an Otter today.  Bring your camera with you on the river.  

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Little Su Afternoon 6-16-09

Greg said his five fishermen had nine bites today and they landed five Kings. They had a terrific day on the Little Su. We still have room available for trips in the next couple of days. (907)745-1712


Little Su 6-12 to 6-16

I talked with Greg this morning. He has taken several clients fishing in the last week. They are averaging about 50% catch rate in both the morning and afternoon. He had one client this morning and caught by 7:00 am. Give us a call to book your trip. We have some openings this week. Our number is (907)745-1712. 


Little Su 6-11

I fished with two clients today, we had three bites and landed two fish for a 100% catch rate.  We boated our first fish at 6:15 am, a nice 34 lb male that was very fresh.  The client was a returning customer and commented that in two trips he has spent less than 45 minutes fishing for kings. We had a good bite, great hookset but did not get a fish at 8:30.  I refished the hole and hooked a fish and boated it at 8:45.  A nice female that weighed 22 pounds, but was longer than the 34 pound male we caught.  

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Little Su 6-10

I spent the morning fishing with 4 other guides, we have an annual derby and rowing contest.  The fishing was slow with a 18" Jack and 34 lb king landed just after 10:00 am.  We had a great time and it was nice to sit in a seat while being rowed.

My afternoon trip was with two clients, we had 6 bites, hooked four and landed two fish.  The fish we landed were small but king salmon.  The two that got away were better fish, one looked to be about 25 lbs and was ocean bright in the sun as it jumped.  The other looked to be over 30 lbs and had a hint of red on the side.  I had a good look at it as it came to the boat before the second run.

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Little Su 6-8

We fished the Little Su today and the river was busy.  We had four bites hooked and landed three of the fish.  We caught a 26 lb fish, 24 lb fish and a 16" jack.  The water remains high but fairly clear.  The fishing remains slow on the river there were 14 fish through the booth when i left at 1:45 pm today and I know that 11 of those were caught by myself and other guides.

If you are looking for a salmon trip we have both mornings and afternoons available, give us a call at (907) 745-1712.



Little Su 6-6

I went out for an afternoon trip with a family of four.  Th weather was great and the water was excellent.  We had four bites on the trip but did not boat a fish.  The morning trips of other guides had similar results with even fewer bites.  I attribute it to the large number of boats on the river.  It seems the boat traffic spooks the fish and we are not able to fish as many prime holes.


Little Su 6-5

We had a morning trip today with four clients.  The water conditions are still pretty good.  We had 5 bites on this trip hooking three of the fish and landing two.  They were 34 and 32 pounds, one was very bright the other was blush.  I expect the fishing to get better every day.  Give us a call or send and email to book your trip today.  

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Little Su 6-3

I took my wife and two friends fishing today.  The water was low and dropped throughout the day.  We hooked two kings and landed a nice 28 lb male.  This made my wife and 2 year old very excited.  The river was very busy and the fish count at the booth was 8 when we went through.  There were several guides fishing and lots of boats I did not recognize.  I would guess they were Deshka fisherman.  I expect to see more fish coming in through this week if the run follows the past trends.



May King Fishing

Late May King Salmon fishing was what we expected.  There were a few fish in the river but hooking and landing them was difficult.  We fought three fish and landed one on our three may trips.  We did however see several Moose, eagles, beaver, ducks and a river otter.  After visiting with other guides it appears that the fishing has picked up as more salmon are moving into the river.  Give us a call at 745-1712 to book your king salmon trip today.