Little Su 7-28

I fished today with two groups, an AM and PM.  I fished two anglers in each group. 
We caught 5 silver salmon and one chum salmon in the morning.  We could see fish swimming past us in some of the holes but did not get many bites.  I think these may have been chum and pink salmon.  The water was very low and it did not take long to become cloudy from the boat traffic.  
We caught two silver and 5 chum salmon in the afternoon.  The fishing was slower than the morning and the water down river had less than a foot of visibility.  holes that we fished in the morning were not fishable in the afternoon.
I will not be fishing tomorrow, I am replacing a lower unit bearing seal and hope to be on the river Thursday.

Tight lines,



Little Su 7-27

I fished the Little Su today with four clients.  The water remains very low, we bumped the bottom on one corner and were just seconds away from a tight passage with another boat.  If you are on the river use caution and watch out for the big inboards, they are going all out on the weekends.
We caught 13 fish today, 2 chums, 2 pinks and 9 silvers.  It was a great day of fishing with light rain.  We saw a moose, beaver, cranes and lots of ducks today.  
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Little Su 7-25

I fished with four clients today. We landed over a dozen fish, unfortunately none of them were silver salmon.  We had one large silver on and by the boat but it got off before we could net it. 


Little Su 7-24

I fished today with two gentleman from out of state.  We departed the landing at 7:30 am and caught three silvers and 8 chum salmon and one Pink Salmon.  The water is low and clear and I expect that it will be murky with traffic this weekend.


Little Su 7-23

I fished the Little Su today in the morning and the afternoon.  We landed three silvers in the morning and two in the afternoon.  We also landed a enough chums to fill everyones bag limit had the desired to do so.  The silvers are sparse at this time but I expect to see more coming every day.



Little Su 7-21

I fished yesterday with three clients in the afternoon.  The water has dropped slightly and was very dirty due to boat traffic.  We caught two silvers, 5 chums and 2 pink salmon.  We had several other fish on but just did not get them to the boat.  The fishing has been consistent and the silvers are still trickling in.  I am fishing July 23rd and hope to report more silvers in the boat.

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Little Su 7-20

I fished the Little Su today with two clients.  I started the day by seeing a Bull and Cow Moose just before the River and A cow and a calf in the Parking lot of the river. The water has cleared some and i could see some Chums holding in holes near the landing.  We had a great trip, we hooked several fish bringing home two silvers and three bright Chum salmon.  We fought and released several other Chums.  I would expect to start seeing more fish moving in on the high tides this week.
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Little Su 7-18

I fished the Little Su today with 3 clients.  The water was low but cloudy, the USGS web site show the water rising slightly.  We caught 4 silver Salmon, 4 chum Salmon and a Pink Salmon.  We lost 5 other salmon during the trip.  All of the fish were very bright and distinguishing the Chums from the silvers was difficult until we got them out of the water. We fished several holes and had the majority of the bites in one hole.  It would appear that the fishing is still spotty for the early season but the run is building.  



July Pike

I have spent the last two weeks Pike fishing at the lake.  Lori, Kaylee and I have spent 9 days at the lake fishing, swimming and working.  We built a shed and completed it to move the tools out of the cabin so we can focus on relaxing there.  I have added lights (gas and electric) to the cabin and will be adding a fridge, flooring and finish work this winter.  Lori would like to spend a few weeks out there next summer.  

Kaylee caught her first fish, a 16 inch pike.  She cast the lure, was reeling and said, " It wiggled Dad", and dropped her rod.  Mom coached her to pick it up and reel it in, she liked it and fished for two more hours non stop.  That kid has her priorities straight.  She also went for her first tube ride behind the boat and her first Alaskan lake swim.  She loved both.  The down side is she threw a fit when we were packing up to leave, she did not want to go.

I will start Silver fishing this week and will report on fishing daily.