Pike & Lake Creek

We went up to the lake for the last two weekends to fish for Pike and Rainbow trout.  We had a great trip, but it was very cold running the river both trips.  The first weekend was rainy and we got in some morning duck hunting as well as spectacular fishing.  The second weekend the weather was much better but the water has dropped to the second lowest I have seen it ever.  It was work getting into and out of the lake.  We caught some nice pike, lost a few big ones and landed nearly 100 rainbows and grayling while we were fishing over the two weekends.  A great way to finish the year at the lake.  We plan on fishing for more rainbows and grayling on the local streams and I will report how we do fishing in early october.



Moose Hunt

I have been busy hunting Moose with my buddies and their kids.  I took my friends son out opening weekend, three adults took out the three boys.  We snuck up on a very nice fork horn bull and got him friday night in unit 14.  We packed him out that night after a lot of work and set out the next morning.  I went with Bill and his son, we saw 16 moose, three bulls that were all between the size restrictions.  My other friend, Dave took both of his boys down the trail and shot a 36 inch bull with three brow tines.  We packed that moose out and called it a weekend.

I then went with the same two friends and their wives to unit 13.  Bills wife got a nice fork horn opening morning and we got it to camp early in the afternoon.  Bill and I walked around in the evening spotting 7 bulls, all were sub legal until we spotted two very nice moose.  After a 4.5 mile hike in the afternoon we stalked within 250 yards of both bulls, I dropped min and bill missed, that bull ran off.  My moose was 55 inches, 5 brow tines one side, three on the other.  We hunted for three more days not seeing another legal moose until half way out Bill shot a nice fork horn bull.  He dropped it with one shot in a swamp.  We winched the moose out of the water, onto dry land and had it skinned, gutted and loaded in just over an hour.   All in all a great year of moose hunting, 5 moose in two weeks.