Little Su 8-13 & 8-14

I fished my Last two trips on the Little Su this year with two couples from Texas.  We had a great time despite the spitting rain and low water.  The first day we got on the fish and caught our limit.  The second day however we landed four silvers and a chum and lost a few other fish.  The water is very low, I hit bottom up river on a drop off trip and I can go very shallow.  All in all it was a great year of fishing, I will blog about our moose hunts, fall pike trips and winter trips to the cabin.



Little Su 8-04 to 8-10

I fished the Little Su for the last week for Silver Salmon.  We fished two trips on most days and I neglected to have Lori post my fishing reports.  We caught our limit of Silver Salmon on every trip except for one.  We had the fish on and had lots of bites during that trip but just  did not get them all in.  The fishing has slowed with over 2000 silvers taken through the booth since the opening to bait.  
I was able to take the family fishing and watched my 3 year old fight a fish, with lots of help and coaching.  She then got mad when I refused to put eggs on her Barbie pole, I did not want her to loose it.  She said, "I want those" and pointed to the bait.  I think she will be one heck of a fisherman in a few years.
I will be fishing three more trips this week and be happy to report how they go.



Little Su 8-03

I fished with a group of four today.  We finished fishing at 11:00 after a great day. The water was very dirty today due to boat traffic.  There was more today than yesterday.


Little Su 8-02

I fished the river today with two groups.

The first group was three fly fisherman that were catching and releasing salmon.  We Kept three silvers but landed lots of fish.  We saw a black bear on the river today.
The afternoon group was a family from Texas, we managed to catch at least one fish per person but it was tough fishing.  The water was dirty from all of the boat traffic.



Little Su 7-31

I fished the river yesterday with a great group of boys.  One was from Missouri and the other two were from Palmer.  They were 15, 13 and 11 years old.  We caught 8 silvers and one Chum salmon between the four of us.  The fishing was very good, I was the second guide back at the landing and was done at 10:00 am.  Three other guides were limited out before their trip was over at 12:00.
I also had a drop off fisherman up river and he caught 4 fish, one of which was a silver.

I have a few openings left this week, drop us a line or give us a call to book your trip.