We fished today with two clients and caught two king salmon.  One weighed 16 pounds the other weighed 28 pounds.  The fish were caught three hours apart and were the only bites that I saw.  The water remains very low and clear.



June 21st

Today was very slow on the river.  There were only a few boats.  The water remains very low, we touched bottom today cutting a corner.  We caught one kingsalmon that weighed 17 pounds and 4 jacks.  we had the most bites of any trip this year, I contribute this to little boat traffic and several unfished holes.

June 20th

I took 3 guests fishing and we caught two king salmon.  One weighed 14 pounds the other weighed 20 pounds.  The water is very low and clear.  This changes as soon as two or three boats pass.   The fish are not holding in very many holes and may take several drifts to enduce a bite. We had three bites on this trip.


June 10-15

I just spent five days on the river fishing with clients.  The water conditions are far from perfect for king salmon and the fishing has been challenging.  The water is very low and clear, this pushes the fish into smaller pockets within the holes.  Early fishing is the best and finding the fish is the biggest challenge.  With the low water levels there is a decrease in current increasing the challenge of backtrolling, I have noticed allot more anchors being used the last few days. 
We have seen a wide variety of wildlife from bull moose, cows with calves (in the parking lot and river at he launch), Beavers, Muskrats, Eagles, Geese and Goslings, Ducks with chicks and a wide variety of shore birds.
The fishing has improved slightly in the last few days, I have landed a fish for each client on my last three trips.  One client did not take a fih home, he elected to try for a larger fish. 
Today we hooked 4 kings landing two jacks, a 12 pounder and a 24 pound fish.  The fish have been very bright with only a few red ones coming from up river.  I have only seen two fish from down river that have had any color on them, one was quite red. 
We have openings this week and will be looking forward to hearing from you.



Little Su 6-5

I fished today with a group of four.  We had a great time but the fishing was slow.  we had two bites hooking one fish and landing it, a nice 30 pound male.  The weather was great, the water was a bit dirty due to boat traffic but still very fishable.

Little Su 6-4

It was rainy and cold today.  I  had three bites, we hooked one fish for about a minutes and it got off.  The water level is low and clear.  We have saw several moose , including a bull at 30 yards.


June 3

I took my first king salmon trip of they year today.  We fished allot of good water and caught two king salmon, a 12 and 34 pound fish.  Both were bright and covered in sea lice.  The water conditions were good but the fishing was very slow.  Several other guide boats landed just one fish today.