little Su 7-29 pm

I fished with 5 gentlemen in the afternoon. The water cleared from the morning, it was dirty due to boat traffic and low levels.  We fished several holes picking up a fish or two here and there.  We caught 9 silvers and two chums.  We let go several chums and lost 3 silvers.

We saw an otter at the same spot as yesterday, it was swimming up river dove and drug a filleted carcass back down river, a cool sight that we all enjoyed.

I am taking the weekend off, thankfully there was allot of traffic and big boats headed to the river. Be careful, in my opinion some of the larger boats will not have the water depth or room to maneuver in a safe manner.

little Su 7-29 am

I fished with 3 guests today, we caught 5 silvers and two chums.  We let a couple of chums go and lost at least 4 silvers.

Little Su 7-28 pm

I fished with a group of 4 in the afternoon.  They wanted to catch fish.  We target chums with plugs and caught over 20 chums and 3 silvers.

Little Su 7-28 am

I fished with a group of 4 in the morning, we hooked and landed 2 silvers, caught 12 chums keeping 4.  The water still low and the silver salmon numbers are low as well.


Little Su 7-26 am

I fished with a group of four today.  They wanted a full limit so we caught 4 fresh chums, let 8 go in doing this and then went after silvers.  We hooked several fish and landed 7 silvers.  We lost two silvers very close to the boat. The last silver was caught as a lure dangled from a branch, jigging works!!!

 I saw moose, a beaver, coyote and black bear today.

Little Su 7-25 pm

I fished with two gentlemen in the afternoon.  These guys wanted to hook and land fish.  The derby was tied 11 to 11 with the sole silver winning the tie.  We lost over twenty fish and missed 15 bites.

Little Su 7-25 am

I fished this morning with two gentlemen.  We decided quantity over quality and caught several chum salmon and one silver.


Little Su 7-24 pm

I fished with three clients in a good rain tonight.  We hooked and landed several fish per angler.  It should be noted that we were only a sockeye away from catching all of the 5 Pacific Salmon today.  We landed and immediately released a 15 pound King, caught a small Pink one silver and several chums.

Little Su 7-24 am

I fished with two gentlemen today that decided to go after Chum Salmon. We caught between 30 and 40 fish, again two silvers.  A great day despite the rain.  the river was a bit dirty today but the boat traffic has increased.

Little Su 7-23 am

I fished this morning with two fly fisherman from New Mexico.  We hooked and landed approximately 30 chums and two silver salmon.  The water levels are close to normal for this time of year but dropping.  I saw a Cow Moose and a calf today on the river.


Little Su 7-22 am

The water was up a bit and a little dirtier than the last time I fished. I fished this morning with a group of four.  We caught 6 silvers and 3 chums.  We also hooked and lost two other salmon, one was a silver the other I am not sure about.  I saw 6 moose today a 2 cows each with a calf, a bull and a lone cow.  We had a beaver swim 10 ft from the boat as well.  Fishing should only improve daily and we have openings next week, give us a call.



Little Su 5-15 am

I had a group of four this morning for a silver salmon trip.  We landed one silver, had two other salmon on and had another bite.  I am not sure if the two that got off were silvers or chums. It was a slow day of fishing, the water is very low and a couple of boats make it very murky in a hurry.  We did see a bull Moose, Cow moose with 2 calves (in the upper parking lot), a river otter, a beaver, several eagles and ducks. 

Pike Fishing 5-12 to 5-14

I took my wife, kids, nephews and niece to the lake for some pike fishing.  We had a great derby with some top water action and caught two very large pike one was 38" the other was 44".  It was great to be out and having a good time relaxing and fishing.